OAKLAND, CALIF. — Renewal Mill, an upcycled ingredient supplier, has partnered with small-batch ice cream maker Salt & Straw to develop a new non-dairy flavor, chocolate salted caramel cupcake.

Available for a limited time, the frozen dessert has an oat base with sea salt, salted caramel frosting and dark chocolate brownie cupcake pieces. The cupcakes are made with Renewal Mill’s dark chocolate brownie mix, featuring organic okara flour produced from the soybean pulp generated during soy milk processing.

“According to leading research, around 1.3 billion tons of food gets wasted each year with much of it ending up in landfills and contributing to climate change,” said Caroline Cotto, co-founder of Renewal Mill. “By improving the efficiency of our food system, Renewal Mill is helping ensure that the next generation of eaters have a healthy planet and a sustainable future. Upcycling is about respect: respect for all the resources that go into growing and producing our food, and the people who do it. We are honored to collaborate with Salt & Straw and help not only raise awareness about food loss and climate-friendly food options, but prove that eating sustainably doesn’t sacrifice taste.”

Tyler Malek, co-founder and head ice cream maker at Salt & Straw, described Renewal Mill products as “revolutionarily thoughtful, as well as downright delicious.”

“Their brownie mix is really, really good,” he said. “We simply bake that mix off, slather it in a homemade caramel vegan frosting, and stud it into an oat milk ice cream to create one of the most delicious desserts you'll ever taste.... vegan or not.”

The product may be purchased online at Salt & Straw’s website and at Salt & Straw scoop shops.