PORTLAND, ORE. — Portland-based Salt & Straw announced the release of its Culinary Perfume, an edible fragrance designed to be spritzed directly on ice cream.

"We've been stuck on sprinkles and whipped cream for the past 100 years,” said Tyler Malek, co-founder and head ice cream innovator at Salt & Straw. “This is a new frontier — trying to figure out how to personalize your ice cream that completely plays into your senses. I’m fascinated with the fact that you can’t actually smell ice cream and that seemed like too big of an opportunity to just let lie. As we’ve learned and tested ice cream flavors over the last 12 years, I have fallen in love with the way all of your senses interact with a food experience, and we are really excited for everyone to try it.”

The Culinary Perfumes are available in three varieties: 

Cloud of cocoa: a smoky-flavored malty chocolate scent.

Perfume of blooms: a blend of honeysuckle and jasmine scents.

Swoon of citrus: a bright and tart citrus scent mixed with herbs.

Salt & Straw's Culinary Perfumes will be available direct-to-consumer at saltandstraw.com for a suggested retail price of $65 for a single 65-milliliter bottle, or $48 for a pack of three 10-mililiter bottles.