DALLAS –  Majestic Brand Organic Butter arrived in dairy aisles for the first time this week.

The new brand, which is now available at Whole Foods Markets in 12 states, creates it butter from high-quality cream, sourced from US dairy farms where cow care, milk quality and sustainability are key components of the operation.

Majestic comes in salted and unsalted, and can be used for cooking, baking and spreading.

"We are very excited about the partnership with Whole Foods and look forward to seeing our organic butter on their store shelves,” said Rance Miles, chief executive officer of Majestic Brand Dairy. “We take pride in the time and effort that goes into making sure customers receive the highest quality of butter on the market. This is the first time Majestic will be on store shelves and we are excited for Whole Foods customers to try it.”

The 4 oz., pre-wrapped sticks from Majestic currently can be found at Whole Foods locations in Georgia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Washington and Texas.