BOULDER, COLO. – Greek yogurt maker Yasso announced its bars, sandwiches and other frozen desserts are coming to consumers in updated packaging.

The company’s boxes now feature more prominent photos of the treats that are inside, as well as a refurbished Yasso logo that’s designed to catch the eye.

"The brand has gone through an incredible evolution over the last 10 years, and we believe that this creative redesign is going to have a significant impact in retail," said Craig Shiesley, chief executive officer of Yasso. "The cohesive creative strategy across both our core bar business and our innovation platforms will drive brand recognition for new and existing users and make Yasso a standout choice within the category."

Yasso, which launched in 2011 with frozen Greek yogurt bars, more recently has added such products as mochi, poppables and chocolate-covered options.

The frozen desserts and snacks can be found at retail stores throughout the US, and also are available for purchase directly from the company at Yasso’s website.