NEW YORK – Ahead of its debut in grocery stores, Mochidoki introduced the patent-pending packaging that will deliver its premium mochi ice cream to consumers.

Set to arrive at retail locations this summer, the Japanese-inspired frozen desserts come in a variety of flavors, such as cake batter, black sesame, mango and strawberry. Each package includes a detailed photo of the enclosed mochi ice cream treat, as well as a description of the flavor.

Every box features a pull tab for opening, and inside a slide-out box not only contains the frozen dessert, but also acts as a serving tray.

Mochidoki, with the help of co-founder and director of marketing and design Christopher Wong, developed the trays to perfectly match the shapes of its products in order to avoid any damage coming to the delicate desserts. In fact, the edges of the tray can be pushed down to pop out each individual piece.  The company shared that the design also involved making sure the mochi stays “fresh and pillowy” on its way to consumers.

Founded in 2015, the New York-based company uses premium ingredients and develops its flavors with both culinary advisors and pastry chefs. Mochidoki has been selling its desserts both online through the company's website and at its two brick and mortar locations in New York City. Additionally, its mochi ice cream can be found on dessert menus at establishments such as Nobu, Tao and Wynn Resorts.

Its upcoming expansion to grocery stores will include some of the company’s most popular dairy and vegan flavors.