ELKMONT, ALA. – Goat cheese maker Belle Chevre recently acquired CHEVOO and the brand’s line of jarred marinated goat cheeses.

CHEVOO, based out of California, closed its doors earlier in 2022, before Belle Chevre revived the brand with the purchase and subsequent relaunch.

Foster McDonald, Belle Chevre’s chief executive officer and owner, said he viewed the acquisition as an avenue for the company to expand its position as a specialty goat cheese maker. Belle Chevre has produced handcrafted goat cheese spreads, logs and other products from more than 30 years.

As CHEVOO’s marinated chevre cubes join the Belle Chevre portfolio, the product range will include five flavors, which all come in 4 oz glass jars: Smoked Salt & Rosemary, Dill Pollen & Garlic, Urfa Chili & Lemon, Italian Black Truffle and a new flavor for CHEVOO, Herbes de Provence.

The newest flavor features goat cheese mixed with aromatic French culinary herbs and an extra virgin olive oil blend lightly infused with garlic.

CHEVOO’s crafting process involves hand-blending goat cheeses with herbs and spices, as well as extra virgin olive oil blends that are steeped for several weeks with crushed botanicals.

“As someone passionate about innovation in the goat cheese industry, I was always enamored with the CHEVOO brand,” McDonald said. “The unique flavor combinations are a result of not only flavoring the oils, but hand-blending the goat cheese with herbs and spices, too. I think this full dimension of flavor is truly what sets CHEVOO apart.”

In harmony with the CHEVOO relaunch, Belle Chevre also announced it added Pierre Guérin as a strategic business partner who will focus on sales and marketing.

Previously in his career, which is full of specialty food industry experience, Guérin served as president of Couturier North America, the US subsidiary of Eurial, a global leader in goat cheese production. Guérin also currently is working with La Fromagerie Henri Hutin to develop its Brie sales in the US.

“It’s exciting to join (McDonald) and the Belle Chevre team for this new adventure,” Guérin said. “I’m pleased to restart a brand that has flourished for many years in a category that continues to see consistent growth.”