ELKMONT, ALA. – Marinated goat cheese maker CHEVOO earned a gold rating for its Herbes de Provence at the 2022 World Cheese Awards, in Wales, where sister brand Belle Chevre received silver for its Greek Kiss.

The Herbes de Provence variety from CHEVOO contains French culinary herbs, and the cubed chèvre is immersed in an extra virgin olive oil blend that includes a light garlic infusion.

The Greek Kiss from Belle Chevre is a 4 oz chèvre disc that gets wrapped inside of a brined grape leaf, which the company said delivers a “hint of Greek essence to the tangy goat cheese.”

Earlier this year, Belle Chevre acquired CHEVOO, reviving the brand and its line of marinated chèvre cubes. 

“Each year we are impressed by the increased level of competition at this highly regarded contest,” said Foster McDonald, chief executive officer and owner of the Belle Chevre company. “We are very proud of both our CHEVOO and Belle Chevre cheesemaking teams for their skill, know-how and commitment to producing such high-quality cheeses.”

Complete results from this year’s World’s Cheese Awards can be found online at the event’s website. More than 4,000 cheeses that originated from 40-plus countries were evaluated for the contest.