VIBY, DENMARK – Arla Foods Ingredients introduced a protein bar concept that allows companies to raise the protein content in every part of their protein bars, including the mass, filling and coating.

And the process doesn’t compromise a product’s taste or texture, according to the company.

Whey protein and milk protein ingredients from Arla’s Lacprodan range ensure the milk chocolate mass retains its flavor and softness throughout shelf life and offers 30% protein per bar.

The plug-and-play system may be used as is or as a basis for a company’s own formulations.

“In the crowded bar market, manufacturers need to capture the attention of consumers seeking high-protein options that are just as appealing as their confectionery counterparts,” said Laima Liepinyte, sales development manager for health and performance nutrition at Arla Foods Ingredients. “With Lacprodan ingredients, they can create multi-layer protein bars with a palette of textures and a soft, light and creamy mouthfeel. As well as delivering pathways to success for wellness-focused manufacturers, this new concept opens new doors for high-protein confectionery products.”