MADISON, WIS. – The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association created a series of onboarding videos specifically intended for the dairy processing industry.

WCMA announced the five-part series is available to companies at no cost.

"As the nation’s labor shortage presses on, a diverse set of recruitment and training tools is critical for any employer – especially in an industry tasked with supplying the world with safe, nutritious foods,” said Rebekah Sweeney, WCMA’s senior director of programs and policy. “We’re pleased to offer these new, free resources to support their valued employees with the knowledge and encouragement they need to be successful in their new career.”

The episodes cover an introduction to the industry, dairy processing basics, work culture, safety and sanitation, and career growth. 

The WCMA recommended new employees watch the videos within their first several weeks at a company, with the goal of supporting employee retention and achieving basic training.

A short quiz accompanies each video in the series. WCMA plans to make Hmong and Spanish versions of the videos, as well, and shared that those will become available in February.

“This series goes beyond the basics of personal and product safety on the job, with perspectives and encouragement from industry peers to remind new employees that they’re joining a diverse, welcoming work environment, full of growth opportunities,” Sweeney said.

Coinciding with the series, WCMA also introduced a free recruitment video that companies can use as a tool to build their workforce. 

WCMA produced the onboarding videos with the support of industry partners at the Dairy Business Innovation Alliance and Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, as well as sponsors Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, Emmi Roth, Great Lakes Cheese and Wapsie Valley Creamery, and contributors Specialty Cheese Company and Westby Cooperative Creamery.