CHARLOTTE, NC. – Machinery manufacturer SPX FLOW, Inc., introduced its latest innovation, the Gerstenberg Schröder Butter Bulk Packer BP5000.

Designed to prioritize safety and ease of use, the bulk packer is fully automated and separates semi-solid fat into individual product portions. Per the company, the product portions can be from 22 to approximately 55 pounds per carton.

SPX FLOW shared the machinery also can be used for other types of crystalized fat, such as vegetable fats and dairy blends.

"Safety is top of mind when it comes to the new technology used in this bulk packer, and SPX FLOW is proud of the innovations made," said Erik Dons Soerensen, SPX FLOW's global technical sales and market manager for butter. "From a more hygienic product to the safety of the operator themselves, these improvements affect the operation from start to finish."

While launching the technology, the company highlighted some of the bulk packer’s safety features, such as a liner that closes before each carton leaves the machine – to make sure cartons aren’t exposed to free air outside of the machine, reducing risks associated with airborne yeast and mold contamination.

Other noted safety features include covered lining rolls, an enclosed packaging machine, an optional clean air filter, noise reducing safety doors and an integrated working platform for service.

The company also stated the new technology integrated into the machinery leads to reduced downtime through improved operation. The updates to its automated functions include remote monitoring and a fault diagnostic system.

"SPX FLOW prides itself on being solution makers, and we'll continue to work with customers to learn and grow with their needs," Soerensen said. "Based on the feedback from our valued partners, we continue to innovate at every step to facilitate the best product and operation possible."