CHARLOTTE, NC – Process technologies and solutions manufacturer SPX FLOW, Inc., unveiled the latest product from its APV brand, the Seamless Infusion Vessel.

The company said it developed the vessel to help ultra high temperature (UHT) infusion systems achieve longer running times, with less product waste and more yield.

SPX FLOW noted its new solution can increase efficiency and system performance for dairy, plant-based and beverage producers who run into issues with product fouling or leaving behind buildup during UHT processing. UHT infusion systems process not only dairy products such as milk, cream and ice cream, but also soy, oat and almond drinks, and specialized beverages such as protein drinks and infant formula.

René Nielsen, the company’s global technical sales manager for UHT and integrated projects, said SPX FLOW’s teams and brands are committed to continuous innovation, and meeting customer needs through improvements to “all aspects” of processing systems.

"Product fouling and its associated problems is an area of concern for many of our customers they would like to see improved,” Nielsen said. “We listened, and the Seamless Infusion Vessel was born.”

The manufacturer explained that its seamless connection links the vessel bottom and pump housing in UHT infusion systems “without a sealing gasket and has better water-cooling on the pump casing and impeller.”

SPX FLOW shared that the benefits of the innovation include fewer stoppages for cleaning in place (CIP) as a result of less fouling, longer production running times, and sustainability. The company said the increased system efficiency means a plant that can produce 12,000 liters per hour, for example, has 30 fewer CIP instances per year – lowering product waste, as well as energy, water and detergent usage.