ROSEMONT, ILL. – Batory Sweetener Solutions, a business unit of Batory Foods, will distribute the SugarLike line of products from NutraEx Food Inc. under an agreement between the two companies.

SugarLike sweeteners reduce sugar in applications such as baked foods, confectionery items, dairy items, supplements, tabletop sweeteners, juice, milk, milk alternatives and carbonated drinks.

The non-GMO plant-based sweeteners mitigate off-tastes, according to Illinois-based Batory Sweeteners.

“Adding the SugarLike series as a prominent product offering brings our customers even more ingredient diversity and formulation choices as they develop healthier, lower-calorie foods and beverages for their targeted consumers base,” said Jessica Zielinski, vice president and general manager of Batory Sweetener Solutions.

A proprietary dry embedding technology used in creating SugarLike ingredients ensures even distribution of high-intensity sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit with building ingredients/bulking agents such as allulose, erythritol or sugar. The process stabilizes the adhesion in the aggregation and costs less than agglomeration.

“Consumers can reduce the sugar in their food or beverages, and still enjoy fabulous, sweet taste,” said Lily Zou, founder and chief executive officer of NutraEx Food, Burnaby, British Columbia. “These embedded sweeteners are made with a patented process that precisely formulates the natural, plant-based ingredients to meet food and beverage demanding requirements.”