CHICAGO – Ice cream manufacturer Wells Enterprises, Inc.’s signature brand, Blue Bunny, unveiled a new format for combining two complementary flavors, launching Twist pints.

Two years after introducing Twist Cones, which were formulated to bring the soft serve ice cream experience to the freezer, Blue Bunny now also packages the swirled dairy desserts cone-free in containers.

Twist pints debuted in seven flavors: Chocolate Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Candy Bar, Mint Chocolate, Blu's Birthday Cake, and Cherry Chocolate.

"The overwhelmingly positive response to launching Twist Cones fueled our determination to take the dual-flavored soft serve experience to the next level with Twist pints," said Jeremy Hrynewycz, Blue Bunny’s brand marketing director. "We carefully curated each twist to incorporate two flavors that consumers love to make one ‘dual-icious’ experience. We're confident that these one-of-a-kind pints are the indulgent frozen treat experience consumers are looking for in 2024."

The ice cream brand said its new pints are available at retailers throughout the country.