HARRISBURG, PA. – Coinciding with National Dairy Month in June, the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) shared that a recent survey found 70% of United States consumers view the dairy aisle as a “must-stop” location on every trip to the grocery store.

The study, conducted for NFRA by Atomik, also revealed that 88% of the 2,006 people surveyed said they are likely to find products that fit their lifestyle in the dairy aisle.

"As consumer trends and preferences shift over time, the dairy aisle continues to innovate and remains a constant in US consumers' shopping trips," said Tricia Greyshock, executive vice president and chief operating officer at NFRA. "Nearly three in five US consumers (56%) report that products from the dairy aisle take up half or more than half of the space in their refrigerator."

When shopping for traditional dairy products, 78% of those surveyed said they consistently purchase cheese, which ranked ahead of butter (75%), cow’s milk (70%) and yogurt (63%) in that category.

Among 1,002 respondents to an inquiry specific to milk, 76% said they typically purchase multiple types of milk (cow, oat, almond, etc.) for the family.