BOSTON – Plant-based and dairy-free diets are starting to become a staple in worldwide cuisine. Sweet Tree Creamery is a brand new ice cream company that offers unique flavors while also accommodating people who follow these specific diets. 

Deena Jalal, who perfected the art of plant-based ice cream and owns Boston-based ice cream shop, FoMu, partnered with manufacturing company New England Ice Cream (NEICC) to bring ice cream that is full of flavor and free of dairy to residents all throughout the East Coast. 

“With New England Ice Cream as a partner, I’m able to make thoughtfully-made desserts more accessible to more people,” said Jalal, Sweet Tree Creamery Co-Founder and Head of Product. “As the need for non-dairy, plant-based ice cream increases each year, NEICC makes it possible to not only distribute high-quality product throughout all of New England, but also supports our thoughtfully created recipes in larger formats, such as the quarts for at-home consumption and the three-gallon tubs for restaurant and hospitality outlets.”

Sweet Tree Creamery has introduced five all-natural and allergen-friendly flavors, which are made with ingredients such as pure coconut milk and organic sweeteners. The five flavors that customers can indulge themselves in include: dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter swirl, cookies and cream, and strawberry shortcake. 

These flavors can be found in an abundance of New England-based restaurants and ice cream shops, stretching from areas as north as New Hampshire to shops as south as Connecticut. Sweet Tree Creamery will eventually expand their reach by offering quarts of their various ice cream flavors in New England grocery stores by the end of 2021. The suggested retail price of the quarts of ice cream will be $9.99. 

“We’re excited that New England Ice Cream is able to partner with Deena to bring her product to more homes and favorite restaurants throughout the region,” said Bruce Ginsber, Sweet Tree Creamery co-founder and New England Ice Cream founder. “Deena embodies the same values my father instilled in our family, and continues to inspire me at New England Ice Cream – to treat everyone with respect, be a good community member, and take deep care in everything you do.”

Additional information about flavors and availability can be found by visiting