DUBLIN, CALIF. – Premium small-batch butter maker Danish Creamery expanded its portfolio with the introduction of two new European Style butter products – spreadable with extra virgin oils, and specialty salt sticks.

A farmer-owned cooperative modeled after creameries in Denmark, the slow-churned butter maker said its newest products were crafted with “meticulous detail,” and launched ahead of the upcoming winter holidays so the flavorful butters could be featured in dishes for special occasions.

The spreadable butters, Danish Creamery shared, are made with its “highest-quality butter,” as well as cold-extracted extra virgin oils and a touch of sea salt. The products launched in two flavors: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The creamery said the avocado oil variety adds “a buttery, avocado flavor and a rich color,” and recommended using it with avocado toast, grilled cheese, vegetables and other dishes.

Meanwhile, the olive oil flavor is described as “fruit-forward,” while featuring “peppery flavor representative of the antioxidants preserved in the pressing process.” The creamery recommended spreading the flavored butter on crostinis, using it on pastas and sautéing proteins, or incorporating it in other recipes.

To produce its new European Style Butter Specialty Salt Sticks, Danish Creamery said it combined butter containing 82% butterfat with premium salts and ingredients. The products debuted in three flavors: Garlic Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt and Rosemary Salt.

The specialty butters’ makers recommended using the garlic flavor with pastas, proteins, vegetables and garlic bread; the pink Himalayan salt flavor on popcorn or roasted vegetables; and the rosemary salt flavor for basting steak, adding herbaceous flavor to pasta or spreading on a baguette.

Founded in 1895 by a group of Danish farmers, Danish Creamery is a subsidiary of California Dairies, Inc.