SPRINGFIELD, MO. – Hiland Dairy Foods created new packaging for its line of cultured products, updating the imagery on the containers that carry its cottage cheese, sour cream and dips.

The farmer-owned dairy company shared that the new packaging uses In-Mold Label (IML) technology from packaging and machinery manufacturer Winpak. Per Hiland, the technology delivers photograph-quality images, as well as graphics, “to differentiate from other brands and product offerings.”

The dairy company said it previously was limited to more basic packaging designs.

Hiland Dairy packaging cultured products new cottage cheese sour cream dipImage: Hiland Dairy

“Consumers want products in packages that look as good on the outside as they taste on the inside,” Hiland marketing manager Sarah Carey said. “This new printing technology allows Hiland Dairy to represent our brand in a more modern, beautiful way.”

Additionally, the company said the IML technology cuts waste, reduces labor costs and promotes recycling, which aligns with Hiland’s circular economy. Plus, the barrier packaging was developed to provide improved protection against UV light and oxygen, leading to optimized freshness and an extended shelf life.

“We are excited about our new packages and believe they represent our farmer-owned brand well,” Carey said. “Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging with this innovation from Winpak that can reduce waste and promote recycling.”

Per Hiland, its newest packaging should be in dairy aisles at retailers soon.