ATLANTA – Established in 2022, Yaza Foods LLC aims to introduce American consumers to its traditional Mediterranean labneh, a versatile dairy product for spreading, dipping and more.

The company shared that it makes its labneh with fresh milk that is strained until it reaches a smooth consistency, and with its natural, whole ingredients the product is rich in probiotics and naturally low in fat, while also delivering protein.

The product contains no preservatives or added sugars and debuts in three flavors: plain, Za'atar & Olive Oil, and Spicy Chili. Plus, Yaza shared more flavors will launch in the future.

"Growing up in Lebanon, labneh has always been a staple in my diet," said Karim Khalil, founder of Yaza. "Upon moving to the US, I realized labneh was hard to come by, and when I could find it, it was nothing like what I grew up eating as it was filled with preservatives and sugars. I started making it for myself, friends and family and now I'm excited to offer a clean, traditional labneh to individuals and families across the country."

The company’s labneh is produced at a creamery in the Catskill Mountains, sourcing fresh milk from dairy farms in Upstate New York. Yaza said the primary ingredients are just milk and salt, and recommended labneh can be used for dip with pita chips, spreading on a bagel, making a salad dressing or topping a baked potato.

Part of Yaza’s launch involves informing consumers about the product’s versatility and health benefits, suggesting labneh as a substitute for cream cheese, sour cream, Greek yogurt and dips.