LOS ANGELES — A new non-dairy frozen dessert brand is debuting from Big Innovations Group Inc. and Grammy Award winning artist and producer Jermaine Dupri. JD’s Vegan is launching in Walmart stores nationwide.

Varieties include Welcome to Atlanta Peach Cobbler, Apple Butter and Strawberry Sweetheart. Additional flavors, including Chocolate My Way, Key Lime Pie and (404) Cookies & Cream, are set to roll out in December.

Mr. Dupri, a longtime vegan, partnered with Ice Cream University founder and president Malcolm Stogo to develop the products, which are formulated with a base of coconut cream.

"Walmart and I share the same vision of providing consumers with the best products and making healthy alternatives accessible to everyone," he said. "JD's Vegan ice creams taste as good as, or better than, the real thing. You don't have to lose anything going vegan. JD's Vegan ice cream proves you can gain nothing but quality foods with out-of-this-world flavor and taste."