LA FARGE, WIS. – Organic Valley launched two new lactose-free premium organic creamers, which are available in French Vanilla and Sweet Cream.

The company’s latest creamers contain 40% less sugar and no artificial ingredients.

"We know consumers today are drinking more coffee on a daily basis and looking for premium products that can up-level their at-home beverage experience," said Minh-Quan Huynh, Organic Valley’s senior brand manager. "Most creamers on the market are higher in sugar and come with a laundry list of ingredients, so we know consumers will love that the new richly-flavored Organic Valley Creamers are lactose-free, have a smooth, creamy taste and no artificial ingredients – perfect for enhancing a beloved morning coffee or favorite afternoon tea."

Ingredients for the creamers are organic, coming from pasture-raised cows that are free of antibiotics, toxic pesticides and added hormones.

The new creamers are available throughout the US, in 24.5 oz./750 ml containers, for an SRP of $4.99-$5.29.

Through April 13, Organic Valley is running a sweepstakes campaign that encourages coffee drinkers to swap out their current creamer for a chance to win the company’s new lactose-free flavored creamers.