NEW YORK – Blommer Chocolate Co. and DouxMatok have collaborated to launch coatings with Incredo sugar, DouxMatok’s sugar-reduction system, for a range of food applications, including panning, enrobing and molding.

Previously the two companies launched chocolate-flavor chips with Incredo.

In the new line of milk, dark and white coatings, sugar is reduced by up to 50% without any high-intensity sweeteners or polyols (sugar alcohols). The ingredients make it possible to achieve over 40% sugar reduction in snack and bakery applications such as nut butter cups, bars and chocolate chip cookies, according to Chicago-based Blommer.

“Global research continues to indicate that taste is the first consideration when consumers make food choices, but they have historically shied away from chocolate products with less added sugar due to negative taste perception,” said David Meggs, chief operating officer at Blommer Chocolate Co. “We have tremendous opportunity at our fingertips to bring consumers back to this category who have avoided sugar-reduced products because they simply didn’t taste good enough.”

Incredo sugar is cane structure that is structured differently and delivered to taste receptors more efficiently, which means it is dissolved faster in the saliva and creates a higher concentration of sugar around the sweet taste receptors, according to DouxMatok, which is based in Israel.