DAVIS, CALIF. — Better-for-you food and beverage brand Oobli is debuting a new line of low-sugar milk chocolate bars.

Aimed at consumers seeking blood-sugar friendly and gut-healthy confectionery options, the bars are formulated with Oobli’s sweet protein from fruit and contain less than 70% of the sugar content in traditional chocolate, according to the company. Each serving of Oobli’s milk chocolate has 4 grams or less of sugar, less than 7 grams of net carbs and nearly 10 grams of fiber. The bars’ ingredients include whole milk powder.

“Until now, consumers have needed to compromise on taste if they wanted a low-sugar alternative,” said Ali Wing, chief executive officer of Oobli. “Chocolates are a proof point of Oobli's ability to sweeten foods in a healthier way with no compromise on your gut or taste buds.”

Oobli’s sweets are launching in flavors like Cocoa Dreams, Let’s Go Nuts, Almond Crunch and Crisp ‘n Rice at select California retailers and online through the company’s website or Amazon. Oobli also is relaunching its dark chocolate bars line with a new protein-focused formulation.