CHICAGO – A global forum created to examine the latest in whey science and manufacturing, the 2022 International Whey Conference is coming to Chicago in September.

The 10th edition of IWC, which is co-organized by the American Dairy Products Institute and the European Whey Products Association, will serve as a multi-day (Sept. 11-14, at Hyatt Regency Chicago) convention for the whey industry and its customers. The event is organized to give attendees opportunities to meet with and learn from researchers and scientists, and find out about innovations in processing equipment and technology for the industry.

Organizers for the 2022 IWC stated that the show’s highlights will include scientists, technologists and engineers with expertise in the field of whey processing who will share developments and important details from their research.

While connecting trending topics and scientific findings with commercial applications for whey, some of the topics on the agenda include:

• “Our Whey from Today to 2030”

• “Unveiling the Power of Whey Protein”

• “Novel Processing Technologies to Enhance Functionality and Sustainability”

• “Digestibility of Whey Protein”

• “Global Opportunities for Applications of Whey Ingredients”

• “Commercializing Sustainability”

• “Milk and Dairy Ingredients: Alternatives to Animals”

IWC 2022 is slated to close with a panel featuring research and development leaders, who will discuss products, nutrition and markets.

Additionally, the conference’s marketplace, which is an interactive exhibition, is set up to provide networking opportunities that connect people within the whey processing industry with providers of equipment, technology, software and more.

For additional details and registration information, visit the IWC website.