HILMAR, CALIF. – Hilmar unveiled its newest whey protein product, PROtelyze Extend, which the company developed for nutrition bars.

The ingredient’s manufacturer said PROtelyze Extend is a high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate made to both boost protein content and ensure a desirable texture throughout shelf life. The product also is lactose-free and heat stable.

“The challenge with all protein bars is that they harden on the shelf,” said Qiqi Peng, applications manager for Hilmar. “This is because proteins pick up moisture over time. This impacts consumer experience, shelf-life expectations and overall product economics.”

Per Hilmar, its new product keeps protein bars soft for longer, and was made with a “bland” flavor so it doesn’t alter a bar’s other attributes. Hilmar also shared that companies may find using less PROtelyze Extend and combining it with “a less expensive WPI” would “achieve the same results with lower costs.”

As described by Hilmar, mainstream whey protein concentrates and isolates can come with “chewier textures,” and milk protein concentrates and isolates “tend to develop shorter textures.” So protein bar makers typically use a combination of dairy proteins to create the proper texture and mouthfeel.

Additionally, the California-based maker of functional whey and cheese ingredients said a growing number of better-for-you foods use whey proteins for such attributes as being readily digestible and providing a power boost.

More information about the product is available on Hilmar’s website.