LOS ANGELES — Califia Farms debuted a new line of creamers designed specifically for iced coffee beverages.

The plant-based company’s Iced Cafe Mixers have been formulated in response to Gen Z and millennials driving the cold coffee category year-round, according to Califia Farms.

"Califia is excited to be the first to respond in a major way to this massive youth-led shift towards cold coffee," said Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer at Califia Farms. "Gen Z and millennials drink iced coffee throughout the day and all year-round, and we saw an opportunity to develop a groundbreaking product to better meet their needs. These Iced Cafe Mixers allow them to enjoy their iced coffee to the very last drop with absolutely no compromise on flavor, creaminess or whitening."

The mixers are a blend of almond and oat milks and will be available in the refrigerated sections at Target, Kroger and other nationwide retailers. Containing three grams of sugar per serving, the Iced Cafe Mixers are available in vanilla sweet creme and caramel creme varieties. They are packaged in a 24.5-oz bottle with a suggested retail price of $4.89.