VIROQUA, WIS. – The Cornucopia Institute introduced a new map it designed to help consumers find local organic dairy products.

Using an organic dairy scorecard, the public interest group posted its map of top rated organic dairy farms online at The Cornucopia Institute website.

The interactive map includes 60 regional and local brands, some of which meet Cornucopia’s top-rated standards but only sell their products on site at their respective farms. Every brand listed on the organic dairy scorecard is available through retail.

Cornucopia put together the map to help consumers avoid dairy that comes from feedlot cows, as part of its ongoing efforts to build ethical and sustainable local food systems.

Per the institute, the dairies featured on the map “go to great lengths to stay true to the principles of organic,” raise their animals on legitimate pasture and care about the well-being of their animals, soil health and quality of their dairy products.