SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. — Specialty coffee company Verve Coffee Roasters launched a line of ready-to-drink flash brew oat milk lattes.

Available in original, chocolate and honey lavender flavors, the lattes contain 40 to 50 fewer calories and two to three fewer grams of sugar per serving than similar RTD coffee beverages, according to the company.

They are available in Verve café locations throughout California and will launch online through Verve’s website, on Amazon and in grocery retailers this summer.

“We make thousands of delicious lattes every day between all of our cafes, putting us in the best possible position to bring a ready-to-drink product to market that uses the same high-quality ingredients that we use at retail,” said Colby Barr, co-founder of Verve Coffee Roasters. “Our team has been working to perfect our flash brew oat milk latte recipe for several years to ensure it is unlike anything anyone has tasted.”

The new dairy-free lattes are the first alternative milk extension of Verve’s direct trade flash brew, its first RTD product that launched in 2018.