DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. – Nutritional ingredients and dairy products from Leprino Foods Company will now be available from Univar Solutions Inc.

Leprino Foods chose Univar Solutions as an authorized distributor in the United States and Canada for a range of products, such as lactose, sweet whey, whey protein concentrate and isolate, micellar casein and milkfat globule membrane.

"Our relationship with Leprino Foods provides customers expanded access to more of the in-demand ingredients needed to remain atop health-conscious consumers' shopping lists," said Kevin Hack, Univar Solutions’ global vice president of food ingredients. "With an unwavering commitment to collaboratively match our suppliers' products with customer needs and our significant North American distribution footprint, we can help Leprino Foods expand their reach while providing customers the support and solutions needed to overcome their dairy formulation challenges."

Per Univar Solutions, ingredients from Leprino Foods will be sold to companies that make a variety of products, including blends, commercial food and beverage applications and nutrition products.

"We are excited to work with Univar Solutions as a trusted supplier and business partner, creating innovative dairy products for the evolving food and nutrition marketplace," said Jason Eckert, Leprino Foods’ senior vice president and general manager. "Innovation, food safety and global responsibility are at the heart of our success, and we're impressed that this aligns with their dedication to helping customers create pioneering food ingredient solutions while demonstrating their commitment to sustainable operations and practices."

Leprino Foods is a leader in mozzarella cheese production, as well as a leading lactose, whey protein and sweet whey supplier.