PORTLAND, ORE. — Wheyward Spirit, which produces alcoholic beverages by upcycling artisan whey, announced the launch of a new barrel-aged spirit it calls Wheyskey.

The female-owned company’s original specialty spirit, Wheyward Spirit, is distilled to retain a distinctive dairy flavor. The company shared that its new creation is a barrel-aged version of its award-winning predecessor, featuring a flavor naturally created during fermentation and distilling through oak aging.

Just like the original, Wheyskey is made by upcycling underutilized, domestically produced whey. The company said its upcycling and circular economy prevent food waste and optimize production inputs for its dairy partners. Additionally, Wheyward Spirit noted its production process has smaller carbon and water footprints than traditional spirits.

Per the new drink’s developers, Wheyskey features tastes of oaky vanilla, toffee and warm spice. The gluten-, grain-, additive- and lactose-free beverage can be consumed neat or incorporated into a cocktail.

“At Wheyward Spirit, our ethos is about breaking boundaries and bringing to market better tasting and more approachable spirits made responsibly and domestically,” said Emily Darchuk, the company’s founder and chief executive officer. “We are so proud of the years of innovation work that went into the launch of Wheyskey and truly believe this spirit will be a game changer for both the liquor and dairy industry, as well as consumers who are drinking more mindfully and are seeking more approachable and versatile options where they can actually taste a difference and make a difference.”

The company is selling Wheyskey’s first barrel release online through its website.