HILMAR, CALIF. – Cheese manufacturer and whey ingredients supplier Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc., revealed it has a new look and corporate strategy, unifying its products under the brand name Hilmar.

“The new identity aligns with the company’s expanding role in the markets it serves,” said David Ahlem, president and chief executive officer at Hilmar. “When the company started in 1984, the founding dairy farm families were simply looking for a more equitable way to compensate dairy farmers and bring quality products to market. Now we are a leading global supplier with a passion and commitment to the future reflected in our new look.”

The company, founded in 1984, established its ingredients brand in 2004. Integrating the company’s cheese and ingredients businesses, Ahlem said Hilmar now can put all of its strategic thinking and investment behind one brand.

“Whether its cheese or ingredients, our intent is to build on our heritage and find innovative, new ways to use the power of dairy to improve lives,” he said.

The company shared that its new logomark includes a milk droplet that splits in two, representing Hilmar’s two products, cheese and whey ingredients. It also said the redesign concept involved focusing on nature, farmland and sustainability.

“We take our role as stewards of the land and environment seriously,” Ahlem said. “This new brand reflects our commitment to investing in technologies and processes that reduce our carbon footprint and make efficient use of all our resources.”