WEBSTERVILLE, VT. – Artisanal cheese and cultured dairy maker Vermont Creamery introduced its latest dessert-inspired creation, Chocolate and Cherry Goat Cheese.

The company shared that its new fresh chèvre product got its inspiration from the flavors of black forest cake and formulated the cheese to have a “fudge-like” texture that is blended with dried tart cherries and rolled in tiny chocolate chips.

Vermont Creamery described the addition to its line of sweet-themed cheeses as “decadent” and “indulgent,” and recommended adding its Chocolate and Cherry Goat Cheese to cheese boards and dessert platters. The crafted cheese maker said the new flavor can be spread on shortbread, crackers and pastries, paired with fruit or utilized as a sweet snack, as well.

The company produces its various chèvre flavors with premium goats’ milk sourced from family farms. The newest option, Vermont Creamery noted, gets blended with real cocoa that is responsibly sourced from Switzerland.

"Vermont Creamery has a nearly 40-year history curating high-quality goat cheese, and we're constantly innovating to match our customers' adventurous palates and preferences," said Harrison Kahn, the company’s general manager. "Chocolate and Cherry Goat Cheese is part of our growing line of sweet goat cheeses, expanding the many ways and occasions that consumers can enjoy fresh chèvre."

The newly launched Chocolate and Cherry Goat Cheese is sold at supermarket retail chains throughout the United States, including Whole Foods Market.