HEERLEN, THE NETHERLANDS — DSM-Firmenich has formulated DelvoFresh Pioneer starter cultures for mild yogurts. DelvoFresh Pioneer enables manufacturers to accomplish pH stability during processing and shelf life, the company shared.

DelvoFresh Pioneer cultures may provide pH that is stable for up to 60 days in cold storage.

The cultures may be used in dairy applications such as smooth, creamy yogurts and mild, and reduced sugar yogurts, the company said.

“These new cultures complement our fermented dairy toolkit of starter, bioprotective and probiotic cultures, enzymes, hydrocolloids and nutritional solutions,” said Karoline Kjaerulff, global business development manager, fermented milk and plant, DSM-Firmenich. “The new DelvoFresh Pioneer cultures give yogurt manufacturers the tools needed to produce delicious, mild yogurt — consistently. The ideal pH stability enabled by these new cultures is what sets them apart, and for dairy manufacturers consistency and flexibility really are key to success.”