WESTCHESTER, ILL. — Global ingredient solutions supplier Ingredion Inc. introduced a new functional native corn starch that the company formulated for dairy and dairy alternative products.

Per Ingredion, its new Novation Indulge 2940 may provide a gelled-like texture for those applications.

Plus, the company noted the ingredient also may provide a clean label for consumers and manufacturers.

“Consumers increasingly expect all of the products they buy to be made with recognized and accepted ingredients, and at the same time provide a satisfactory eating experience,” said Nick Ferraro, Ingredion’s global senior strategic marketing manager, clean and simple ingredients. “With Novation Indulge 2940, food brands can formulate popular products — such as yogurts, puddings, processed cheese and vegan cheese — that satisfy both the increasing demand for clean labels and the growing dietary requirements of consumers, and all with an ideal texture.”