NEW BERLIN, NY – Greek yogurt, oatmilk and creamer manufacturer Chobani is celebrating Halloween this year with some spooky features for its popular snack line.

Leading up to the holiday, seven flavors of Chobani Flip four-packs feature special interactive packaging that offers a quick link to an augmented reality experience.

By scanning the QR code on the Halloween-themed packaging, consumers’ smartphones will access what the company describes as the world of Halloween-themed Chobani Flip. The online experience features doors for knocking and a selfie filter based on Halloween characters. Chobani shared that treats tied to the experience include phone screensavers, coloring pages, button pins, keychains, stickers, hats, totes and a mini fridge.

The company’s Chobani Flip snacks deliver Greek yogurt with crunchy mix-ins. The Halloween four-packs are available in seven flavors:

• Almond Coco Loco includes Greek yogurt, coconut, honey roasted salted almonds and dark chocolate chunks.

• Peanut Butter Cup has not only chocolate and peanut butter-flavored Greek yogurt, but also peanut butter cups, milk chocolate chips and peanut butter clusters.

• S'more S'mores comes with sweet vanilla Greek yogurt, honey graham crackers, toasted bits and milk chocolate.

• Cookie Dough combines vanilla Greek yogurt with cookie dough pieces, cookie rice crisps and miniature milk chocolate chips.

• Key Lime Crumble adds white chocolate chunks and graham crackers to key lime Greek yogurt.

• Cookies & Cream takes a vanilla and chocolate Greek yogurt and pairs it with chocolate cookies and pieces of icing.

• Strawberry Cheesecake mixes strawberry Greek yogurt with graham cookies, frosting chunks and coated rice crisps.

The limited-time yogurt snacks are being sold in packs of four 4.5 oz single-serve cups at various retailers throughout the United States. The company said its Halloween-themed Chobani Flip packs will be in dairy aisles through Oct. 31.

Chobani also plans to release more seasonal packaging features for its Greek yogurt products in the months ahead.