NEW YORK — Chobani is launching Chobani Zero Sugar, a new line of yogurt with no sugar that is sweetened with monk fruit and allulose.

To create Chobani Zero Sugar, the company starts with milk that is filtered to reduce naturally occurring sugar, then it uses natural fermentation methods that allow yogurt cultures to consume the remaining sugar, Chobani said. From there, the company adds non-GMO monk fruit and allulose. The result is a zero-sugar yogurt that is lactose-free, features six live and active cultures, including probiotics, and contains 60 calories and 11 grams of protein per 5.3-oz cup.

“Chobani Zero Sugar is a revolutionary innovation,” said Peter McGuinness, president and chief operating officer of Chobani. “Our team developed a brand-new product that is as delicious as it is healthy. You won’t find another product on shelves nationwide in the US dairy aisle with 11 grams of protein and only natural ingredients, but no sugar or artificial sweeteners.”

Chobani Zero Sugar comes in vanilla, mixed berry, strawberry and blueberry flavors. Single-serve 5.3-oz cups retail for $1.49, 4-packs retail for $4.49 and multi-serve 32-oz tubs retail for $5.49.