DAVIS, CALIF. – Artificial intelligence (AI) platform developer PIPA and Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) announced they are partnering to advance research on various health benefits associated with dairy products and ingredients.

PIPA shared that the national dairy research and promotion organization plans to work with the dairy industry and its partners while utilizing the AI developer’s LEAP program, which the company describes as an AI co-pilot for accelerating food and nutrition research and development.

DMI president and chief executive officer Barbara O'Brien called the partnership “a groundbreaking development” for United States dairy. The work will involve identifying novel R&D opportunities in milk and analyzing scientific evidence to “validate and build new product claims,” PIPA shared.

Said O’Brien: "Dairy farmers' long-standing investments in nutrition research have made significant contributions to the portfolio of credible science demonstrating the positive impact dairy foods have on overall health and wellness. The partnership with PIPA will leverage the power of AI to uncover dairy-centric health and wellness opportunities that can meet the growing world's needs for personalized nutrition solutions."

Eric Hamborg, PIPA’s chief commercial officer, described dairy as “an unquestionable treasure trove of health benefits waiting to be discovered.”

“With PIPA's technology and the subject matter expertise of DMI, we'll unlock novel research and commercialization opportunities for the industry with a speed and accuracy we've never seen before,” Hamborg said.

Funded by dairy farmers from throughout the US, DMI manages the National Dairy Council and the American Dairy Association.