RACINE, WIS. — Butter Buds Inc. launched Cheese Buds Simple Cheddar Cheese Concentrate.

The company said its new concentrate helps manufacturers increase the cheddar cheese flavor with low inclusion levels without needing to state “flavor” or “natural flavor” for a cleaner label.

“With today’s economic challenges, manufacturers are pressured to provide great-tasting food products while not breaking the bank,” said Michael Ivey, national sales director at Butter Buds. “Cheese Buds Simple Cheddar Cheese Concentrate delivers on both and provides cost optimization opportunities, allowing formulators to maintain true, natural taste at very low inclusion levels, which can reduce cheese usage and lower costs and overall fat content.”

Per Butter Buds, the concentrated dairy ingredient is a powder, making it easy to use and incorporate into existing formulas, adding natural cheddar cheese notes to various applications.