MONTEREY PARK, CALIF. – Asian treat maker Sweety Ice Cream rolled out a full rebrand and redesigned website, emphasizing the family-owned company’s heritage and its mochi ice cream.

The company shared that it got started in 1978, when Taiwanese immigrants opened a mom and pop ice cream parlor featuring a menu full of family recipes.

Tiffany Yang, Sweety’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, said the company honors its founders, who introduced the family’s children and their neighborhood community to mochi ice cream.

When their parents wanted to retire, Stacey and Sean Lee, and their cousin, Yang, took over the business. Yang said they wanted “to share the joy of these treasured treats with people across the country.”

Yang said Sweety’s rebrand, led by Chase Design Group, South Pasadena, Calif., highlights the company’s “original and evolved vision,” with a focus on the brand’s “commitment to quality, heritage and innovation.”

The hand-held ice cream treats, the company said, are made with natural ingredients, extracts and farm-fresh milk that comes from local California cows.

Sweety Ice Cream’s treats are available in traditional Asian flavors such as green tea, ube and red bean, as well as classic American flavors vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

The company shared that its products are sold at select Walmart, Lassen’s, Nugget and Albertson’s stores throughout California, as well as at Food Bazaar in New York. Plus, Sweety Ice Cream plans to add more retail partners.