WHITE PLAINS, NY – Danone North America announced its Activia line is launching a new drinkable yogurt designed to help boost immune systems.

The company’s Activia+ Multi-Benefit Probiotic Yogurt Drinks include billions of live and active probiotics to support gut health, as well as Vitamins C, D and Zinc to bolster the immune system.

"At Danone, we know good gut health is the gateway to a variety of health benefits and overall well-being," said Kallie Goodwin, vice president of family and wellness brands for Danone North America. "We also know that consumers are becoming increasingly interested in both gut health and foods that help support the immune system.”

Activia+, is the first product in the line that includes nutrients tied to immune system health. The new product has 9 grams of sugar, 70 calories and comes in three flavors: strawberry, peach and raspberry.

The new options hit store shelves in 3.1 fl. Oz. bottles, and are available at select retailers, such as Kroger, Publix, Stop & Shop and Target, throughout the United States.