AMSTERDAM – Food ingredients Global’s webinar series will zero in on dairy and dairy alternatives on April 5, with a pair of webcasts.

The first of the two 90-minute sessions, titled “Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Spotlight on Sustainability and Health,” will feature experts from Mintel and MFCG Gurus, who will share consumer insights and market trends within the world of dairy and dairy alternative products.

Presentations will cover the reinvigoration of the dairy sector in 2022 and beyond, as well as how dairy and dairy alternative products can stay relevant to health-conscious consumers.

The webcast will wrap up with a Q&A covering sustainability and health credentials.

During the second webinar, “Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Tapping into Future Trends,” experts will weigh in on what’s ahead, as well as potential disruptive innovations for the industry.

Other topics include the challenges manufacturers face while delivering on the high expectations consumers have for dairy alternatives, evolving consumer perceptions of dairy and how startups are using technology to drive the industry forward. The webcast also will conclude with a live Q&A, with a focus on innovations and future trends.

Registration for the dairy and dairy alternative webinars is open online. Those who register but can’t watch the webcasts live can still access the videos on demand and watch them at their convenience.