TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Backed by pediatric doctors and nutritionists, Israel-based Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd., launched its new Healthy Heights KidzProtein products in the US, with both dairy and plant-based formulas for its new shakes.

The dairy-based blends, which come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors, as well as the KidzProtein Vegan options, which are available in chocolate and vanilla, were developed as breakfast or snack options for children. Both formulas include 10 grams of protein and various vitamins and minerals.

"There is a high demand from parents for a nutritional shake formula for children to support everyday wellness," said Liron Fendell, chief executive officer and managing director for Nutritional Growth Solutions. “We created our evidence-based Healthy Heights KidzProtein range in both dairy and vegan versions to support the unique nutritional needs of children, including those with dairy allergies. Milk allergy is the most common allergy among children, as well as intolerance to lactose."

Fendell said the shakes were developed to “fill common nutritional gaps” in children’s diets. The products contain real fruit and vegetable powders, along with omega-3 fatty acids.

The vegan options in the line include extra iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and folate to address gaps typically seen in vegan diets. Plus, the vegan flavors have pea protein and fava bean protein.

Founded by doctors and dietitians at Schneider Children's Medical Centre, in Israel, Nutritional Growth Solutions develops, produces and sells clinically tested products for children based on 20 years of medical research.

"The launch of the Healthy Heights KidzProtein line in the US is a key factor in our growth strategy," said Fendell. "We will be expanding the product line into other global markets and into more distribution channels."