AUSTIN, TEXAS – Dairy alternative frozen dessert brand NadaMoo! landed a 2022 Designalytics Effectiveness Award for its recent package redesign.

The Designalytics award recognizes redesigns that drive brand growth and awareness. The winners are based on data, such as sales performance in the marketplace and quantitative consumer testing of each design evaluated, per the market research firm.

“We are elated to be selected as one of only nine winners for the Designalytics Effective Award,” said Daniel Nicholson, NadaMoo!’s chief executive officer. “The competition was tough, with hundreds of package designs considered, and we are grateful for this opportunity to bring more awareness to our sustainable plant-based desserts.”

The Austin, Texas-based company worked with creative agency Moxie Sozo, Boulder, Colo., on the redesign. NadaMoo!’s reimagined pint packaging hit freezer aisles in 2020. Any redesign launched between July 2019 and 2021 was eligible for this year’s Designalytics Effectiveness Awards.

NadaMoo! packaging now features what the company describes as a rich royal blue base, which was chosen to create a solid brand block in retail locations.

More details on this year’s redesign award winners are available on the Designalytics website.