PETALUMA, CALIF. – A2 dairy ice cream maker Alec’s Ice Cream announced its products will become more readily available with an extended distribution reach.

Alec’s shared that all 392 Sprouts Farmers Markets and 166 Natural Grocers locations will now carry its ice cream, giving the company a place in the freezer aisle at more than 1,000 retailers nationwide.

“Debuting Alec’s Ice Cream in Sprouts and Natural Grocers locations across the country is an incredibly exciting step for us,” said Alec Jaffe, founder and chief executive officer. “I think there is a really meaningful shift taking place in how consumers think about and shop for their favorite foods. More and more, we see people looking to support brands that are taking actionable steps toward a more sustainable future. At Alec’s, we are dedicated to providing consumers with the most delicious ice cream while upholding our core commitment to protecting and restoring the environment and using our product as an entryway to educating the consumer on the importance of sustainability.”

The company’s ice cream, made with 100% A2 dairy, is regenerative verified, USDA organic certified and made with carbon neutral, regenerative organic certified cane sugar. Per Alec’s, the milk used in its products comes from a single-source, family-owned and operated A2 dairy farm in Northern California that specializes in regenerative farming.

Founded in 2020, Alec’s is set to launch its seventh flavor, Peanut Butter Fudge Honeycomb. The company said its seventh flavor is inspired by its owner’s favorite childhood candy bar, Butterfinger. The new flavor took first place in the best new dessert category at Expo West’s 2023 NEXTY Awards.