RACINE, WIS. — Butter Buds Inc. added a line of creamy ingredient solutions to its portfolio. The company said it developed the ingredients for food manufacturers, enabling them to produce a creamy mouthfeel and add rich cheese flavors to their products.

Per Butter Buds, the line may offer a cream-forward cheese flavor profile with savory butter base notes, as well as lower usage rates than standard cheese powders, which provides formulation flexibility.

The company’s dairy concentrates are formulated with cheese and flavor components that are balanced, which retains the creaminess.

Michael Ivey, national sales director for Butter Buds, said the company’s creamy line extension “allows for a one-product addition to achieve a two-flavor impact,” as it was developed to be creamy and cheesy.

“We understand the pivotal role that creaminess plays in the overall taste experience of a product,” Ivey said. “Our new creamy product line is an exciting new solution that makes it possible for manufacturers to create satisfying and delectable foods without formulation headaches or rising costs. These innovative flavor ingredients provide a creamy richness with savory notes of different cheeses crafted to elevate a variety of food applications. Whether used in different sauces, soups, indulgent snack seasonings, or as novel flavor additions for ice creams, these new flavor ingredients deliver the consistency and exceptional eating experiences that will have consumers coming back for more.”