10 Hilmar Cheese whey protein products awarded

Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. was among the dairy processing companies recognized during CheeseCon 2023 for winning a gold medal at the 2023 United States Championship Cheese Contest.

9 Bel partnering with Climax Foods on alternative cheeses

Plant-based cheese powered by artificial intelligence will soon be headed to the market, via a partnership between The Bel Group and Climax Foods, Inc.

8 Cheesier products continue to be a huge selling point

Craveability is a huge draw for consumers, and Technomic research has shown that “cheesy” tops the list of craveable flavors. For many consumers, “cheesy” is synonymous with comfort food, which continues to be a draw to consumers.

7 Sustainability involves cooperation between processors, suppliers

As the dairy industry strives to make sustainable production the standard, dairy leaders also understand simply getting started can be a lot to take on for many companies. Opening keynote panelists at CheeseCon on April 5 dove into the importance of implementing sustainable practices now.

6 Butter Buds develops concentrated dairy ingredient

Butter Buds Inc. developed Milk Buds Plus, a concentrated dairy ingredient designed to reduce the use of lipidized milk and cream.

5 Kemps' products, flavors help Midwest brand stand out

Since 1914, Kemps has been delighting families throughout the upper Midwest with wholesome and delicious dairy products. Today, Kemps is a farmer-owned brand and wholly-owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America with 100% of its profits going to dairy farmers and their families.

4 Yogurt standard of identity rule finalized

The US Food and Drug Administration on April 13 issued a final order to modify a standard of identity rule for yogurt, amending the yogurt standard acidity requirement to require products to have a pH of 4.6 or lower.

3 Blue Bunny and Stuffed Puffs deliver new frozen desserts

With campfires and s’mores as an inspiration, Wells Enterprises, Inc.’s Blue Bunny brand collaborated with Stuffed Puffs Filled Marshmallows for its newest frozen dessert products.

2 BelGioioso strategically investing in Polly-O brand

BelGioioso Cheese Inc. shared that it has $7 million in strategic investments planned for its Polly-O Cheese brand in the coming year.

1 West Texas dairy farm fire kills thousands of cattle

An explosion and ensuing fire at a West Texas dairy farm on April 10 killed approximately 18,000 cattle, according to numerous media reports.