BLAGNAC, FRANCE – Lallemand Specialty Cultures developed a new solution, LALCULT Protect MC1, to help extend the shelf life of dairy products by preventing mold and yeast.

Applications for the new solution include yogurt-type dairy specialties, sour cream, fresh cheeses, ripened cheeses, and sliced and grated cheeses, as well as plant‐based analogs.

Per Lallemand, its bioprotective culture developed for dairy processors helps ensure products’ safety and quality, while maintaining consumer trust and brand reputation.

Mold and yeast contamination in dairy products, the company noted, can lead to color and taste defects, while certain molds can produce mycotoxins that can “cause severe illness or even death in humans and animals.”

Lallemand shared that Penicillium is the dominant genus (91%) of mold contaminations on spoiled hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses from different countries. Additionally, the company noted that mold contamination in dairy products can lead to “significant financial losses and losses of credibility for producers.”

More information on LALCULT Protect MC1 is available online via Lallemand’s website.