SINGAPORE — Tindle Foods, formerly Next Gen Foods, is expanding into new food categories while unveiling its new brand identity.

The company is adding plant-based meat and dairy products, which will fall under the Tindle Foods umbrella. The company’s flagship product is its Tindle plant-based chicken.

The plant-based sausages include Bratwurst, Italian, and savory breakfast. Its alternative dairy expansion will feature plant-based milks and will enable the company to further develop its range of gelatos.

“The new Tindle Foods marks a significant milestone in our journey in providing ridiculously good food experiences that will help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system,” said Andre Menezes, chief executive officer and co-founder. “As we grow into new product categories and increase our capacity to make the best-tasting meat and dairy products — some of the most beloved foods in our society — we’re now able to get closer and closer to finding viable and delicious solutions to help save our planet.”

The company’s new brand identity will feature a modern aesthetic, which is designed to resonate across the company’s entire portfolio and brand experiences, according to the company.

“Our brand relaunch is more than a new look,” said Borna Bayat, vice president of brand and creative at Tindle Foods. “It’s a visual manifestation of our commitment to creating a sustainable and delicious future. It's about using design as a tool to communicate our mission, engage our consumers and, ultimately, contribute to a food system that future generations can rely on.”