CHICAGO – Premium Irish dairy brand Truly Grass Fed revealed it is entering a new category with the debut of its Truly Gluten Free Premium Irish Oat Milk.

Launching original and extra creamy varieties of its new oat milk, the company said the plant-based, vegan products are made with gluten-free premium Irish oats, keeping with the brand’s farming tradition.

Truly shared that it makes the original oat milk product with filtered water, gluten-free Irish oats, sunflower oil and sea salt, adding that the original oat milk is fortified and contains vitamins B2, B12, D2 and calcium.

The extra creamy variety, the brand said, can be steamed, frothed or added directly into coffee.

"Expanding upon the increased consumer enthusiasm in Truly Grass Fed's naturally delicious butter and cheese, we are excited for shoppers to experience the brand in a new way with our Truly Gluten Free Oat Milk," said Jaclyn Crabbe, marketing director for the company. "By growing Truly Grass Fed into a new retail category, we are able to reach new customers who are looking to include plant-based products in their diet, need non-dairy alternatives or just want to enjoy the delicious taste of our pure, creamy oat milk."

The company also shared that any waste from its oat products either gets recycled as an animal feed ingredient or composted, thereby eliminating product waste.

"From the way we source our oats at Irish family farms to our recycled packaging, Truly Gluten Free Oat Milk is a continuation of our commitment to remaining sustainable on all fronts," said Conor O'Donovan, the company’s general manager. "In addition to being environmentally responsible, we also pride ourselves on delivering superior products. Thanks to Ireland's temperate climate and strong rainfall, we get the highest quality oats with a delicious nutty flavor that makes our oat milk one of a kind."