VIBY, DENMARK — Novozymes and Arla Foods Ingredients are partnering together to develop protein ingredients using precision fermentation. The partnership will enable the companies to further explore a solution for disease-specific medical nutrition.

The companies plan to expand into other segments in the future.

Precision fermentation is a technique that fine-tunes the molecular output of microorganisms, offering control over the fermentation process and enabling tailor-made protein compositions.

“This partnership brings together two market leaders in our respective areas,” said Henrik Andersen, group vice president of Arla Foods Ingredients. “Collaborating with Novozymes fits perfectly with our ambition to explore alternative nutrition platforms and complement our portfolio of dairy and whey solutions. By leveraging our combined expertise, manufacturing skills and market insights, we’ll be able to accelerate the pace at which we bring innovative new protein products to market.”

Valerio Nannini, general manager, Novozymes Advanced Protein Solutions, added: “Precision fermentation allows us to do almost anything in terms of protein composition and structure, and this is a fantastic opportunity to harness its full potential. In our ambition to develop new tailor-made products Arla Foods Ingredients is the best possible partner for us. It’s already firmly positioned in medical nutrition and offers substantial insight into market needs, as well as specific manufacturing capabilities that complement ours. Entering a partnership like this demonstrates the huge progress we’ve made since our decision to enter the health and nutrition space.”

Novozymes is a biotechnology company that focuses on research and development and production of industrial enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients, per to the company.

Arla Foods Ingredients is a company with a portfolio of early life nutrition, medical nutrition, sports nutrition, health foods and other foods and beverages to improve nutrition. The company’s focus is to provide ingredients and products that may advance nutrition.