COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – International biotechnology research company 21st.BIO shared that ingredient manufacturers may access its precision fermentation platform to produce dairy proteins at a competitive cost.

The company said it scaled its beta-lactoglobulin protein – the major whey protein in milk that provides nutrients and textural components found in traditional dairy.

21st.BIO said by offering its precision fermentation technology to manufacturers, it aims to mitigate the costs and time investments companies typically need. The Denmark-based bioproduction specialist said its platform “provides a sustainable and less carbon and resource intensive alternative to traditional animal-based production methods and helps to stabilize global food supply chains.”

Customers who use the platform, the company added, will get access to industrial production strains, fermentation processes, and support with scaling up, tech transfers to contract manufacturers, and regulatory approvals.

Novonesis licenses the technology foundation, which 21st.BIO said has been used “to provide dozens of food-grade products on the market today.”

Thomas Schmidt, chief executive officer for 21st.BIO, said the company was founded in 2020 to help as many companies as possible use precision fermentation and take products to market at competitive prices.

“We believe this is the best way for technology to support and accelerate the transition to more sustainable and better nutrition globally,” Schmidt said. “With this new offering, I am proud that companies will be able to safely scale innovation into industrial production and meet global demand utilizing our technology and expertise."

The company operates R&D laboratories at its Copenhagen, Denmark, headquarters, as well as in Davis, Calif.